Health & Fitness Membership

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Olivedale Senior Center

Ages 55+ are eligible. Spouses younger than 55 are eligible with the primary member.

New Membership
For Senior Center only
New members' fee will be pro-rated to the following expiration date based upon surnames. Your initial fee might be more than $24.00 to get you on schedule to the next year. Please complete and submit the form below and contact us at 740-687-6655 for pro-rated amount for your first year. The office can process your payment over the phone.

Membership Renewal

If making a renewal payment within 30 days of expiration visit renewal payment options.
If renewal expiration is past 30 days, contact the office  740-687-6655 to obtain renewal amount.
Expiration Dates by First Initial of Last Name.

Expiration Dates by Last Name:
A - D
(April 1)
E - K
(July 1)
L - R
(October 1)
S - Z
(January 1)